Episodes 45
Seasons 4
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Psychological thriller
Elliot Alderson is a cybersecurity engineer at Allsafe Security, but only by day. At night, he hacks criminals and brings to light those who, for whatever reason, have not reached the hands of justice. By taking illegal substances, Elliott tries to cope with his dissociative identity disorder.
Basically, that's how his life goes - work, hacking, dope, and on and on. But everything changes abruptly when he meets Mr. Robot, who offers him and other promising hackers to destroy the conglomerate, the Z corporation, for which Elliot essentially works. Thus emerges the “F Society” organization...
"Mr. Robot" is a grim demonstration of the modern world and its inherent excessive wealth inequality. This pushes people away from each other, and perhaps the first seasons fully reveal the theme of loneliness in a densely populated world riddled with the Internet.
Largely because of his loneliness, Elliot becomes part of "F Society," and gradually more and more people who think like him become part of his life.
"They showed themselves, the top one percent of the one percent. Those who are in control. Those who play God without permission. And now I'm going to destroy them."
I invite you to meet not all, but the most important characters in this story.
Darlene Alderson
/ hacker, programmer, and member of the fsociety. She is also known to be Elliot's sister. Unlike her brother Elliot, Darlene is outwardly cynical and irritable. However, this does not make her completely unemotional.
She genuinely cares about her brother. Likewise, she is also a skilled hacker in her own right and remains loyal to her brother and the fsociety even after being recruited as an FBI informant.
She is extremely loyal, to the point where she is willing to lie to her brother about their past to protect his sanity, and refuses to give up her brother's whereabouts, even though she risks her life that way.
in the series —
“Corporate greed is a downward drive that reaches even the very bottom of the food chain.”
"Mr. Robot" / Edward Alderson
/ co-founder and leader of the hacker group fsociety, a revolutionary prophet who plans to destroy the world's largest conglomerate.
in the series —
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who watch and do nothing.”
Despite his intelligence and charisma, Mr. Robot is also emotionally manipulative and can quickly turn violent.
Tyrell Wellick
/ an ambitious vice president of technology at E Corp, who later became part of the community. He and Elliott have some kind of special bond that strongly influences both of them, especially Tyrell.
in the series —
“Give a man a gun, and he will rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he will rob the world...”
Angela Moss
/ Elliot's childhood friend and co-worker at Allsafe Cybersecurity. The girl helped her friend in every way throughout the series, while hiding the fact that she was in love with him.
in the series —
“I have an idea that will change the world. I know it sounds really stupid, but I know how to do it. I think it could really work.”
Mr. Robot —
The main idea for the series is Sam Esmail's. There are at least three reasons why he decided to create the series the way it did. First, Esmail has Egyptian roots and once watched the Arab Spring, which was at least the basis for the protests in the series.
A beautiful and complex series that won many awards, but never became popular with viewers.
Second, Esmail is a former programmer, albeit a mediocre one, according to him. And the third reason is the Occupy Wall Street protests that took place in the United States shortly before he wrote the script for the series.
Throughout its four seasons, "Mr. Robot" gently pushes viewers to understand that alienation itself is not a byproduct of modern society. And the best way to strike back at that society is to connect with other people in any way possible.
I think it is unfair that few people know about this series, few people have watched it, and even fewer people have been able to get into this wonderful piece of "Golden Age" work in the history of TV series of our time.
The ending
Without spoilers
The disappointment of the series' ending can eclipse all of its early achievements, as viewers have seen in hundreds of examples. And after all, the emotions of the finale are the main components of the aftertaste after the end of the project!
"Mr. Robot" did an excellent job of creating catharsis in the last episode. Besides, as always, the brilliant camerawork, direction, and acting, the ending takes the viewer on an "emotional roller coaster.
Strange as it may sound, the ending turns everything we knew about the story upside down, but it also puts everything in its place. It takes the viewer's breath away, it delights, it rejoices, it clutches its head, it gets nostalgic - a storm of emotions, all in one hour.
It's not just the plot twist that makes you want to rewatch the show, but also the feeling of affection for the characters and the powerful emotional cocktail that comes down like a bucket of water on the viewer's mind. In addition, there are few other places where fans have been treated with such reverence.
Despite its not very high popularity, the series has won many different awards and nominations, which further emphasizes its importance.
Audience Award for Best Episodic
Breakthrough Series — Long Form
Television Programs of the Year
Best Supporting Actor in a Series
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor
Best Television Series — Drama
Best Supporting Actor
Best Drama Series
Best Actor in a Drama Series
Best Drama Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Peabody Award
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